“Thank you” a simple word that looks like became one of the hardest to say

Even though I’m not a US citizen and I’m not looking at any American waving flag right now… I still want to stop for a second and think about the value of the “Thanksgiving” celebration because I’m sure that everyone, at least today or at least once in a while, should stop and think about the things he or she is thankful for and that everyone should say what he or she feels one another. Some stuff it’s not made to be just felt, some stuff has to be said. Remember always to say “Thank you”, don’t give it for granted because nothing is granted.

The whole world is forgetting the importance of Thanksgiving. Today, everything seems to be expected because “I exist so all the world spins around me and around my necessities”, the world of today is an egocentric world, made of a population that lost the importance of altruism. The problems of a single person are presented, in social media, like declarations of a certain kind of suffering that remains inside the skin of the single person.. Would you like to have a last minute news? Existence itself is a problem, not just for you, it is a problem for all of us.
Life is a struggle, it’s made of refusals, broken expectations, it’s made of a lot of questions and very few answers but it’s the way you face it that makes the difference and really counts. To face life alone, behind a computer, even when you’re surrounded by people, it is for sure a way of life but it’s not the only one. We sometimes forget the importance of the other person, we get lost in our problems and our head turns into a black hole that suck in all our questions to solve and also ourselves. We are not alone and we are not the only ones to have the doubt of being alone, we are all together in a collective solitude made of souls that have stopped to feel each other.

We have to smile more. Smile, then, more.

We have to break the shell we’ve created around us, that shell that’s so easy to break from the outside and it’s so difficult to shatter from the inside. Even without a reason, even without a specific motivation, we should smile. It’s good for ourselves, it’s scientifically proven, and we would also bring a smile on the face of the person close to us; it’s assured, it is natural, it is human. When someone smiles at us means that that someone is feeling us, is seeing us, and makes us feel finally visible, not invisible like we used to think we were and we’ve never been.
That smile can help us to remember the importance that I have as a person, as a man, as a woman, not just as an individual who’s just a owner of problems. The awareness of being owners of ourselves though doesn’t have to makes us feel like gods: we don’t have to sin of hubris, because if the conquered sureness makes us believe that we are the only owners in the world..well, that’s is nothing but a false sureness; a symptom of insecurity.
That smile that brought us up, that gave back to us our real nature of woman, of man, can’t be forgotten because that smile didn’t force the doors behind which we’ve hidden ourselves, that smile barely just touched those doors before opened them completely, with the right key. That smile can’t be forgotten.

We have to remember to thank the people around us. We thank people, because nothing is expected and everything should be a pleasure. Thank that person that dedicate his or her time to you, thank that classmate that gives you the notes from the day you were absent, the friend that reminds you who you are when you are in doubt, the brother that makes you laugh, the sister that knows you better than you do, the father that hugs you before going to bed, the mother that listens to you even if she has still to do the laundry.
Thank those people that are a part of your life, that are co-protagonists in you life or even just extras, because not a lot of people is as lucky as you are and you have to be aware of that. Everyone has a different story to tell and the differences that exist, between you and another person, will turn into suggestions and enrichments for the other, because at the end..you are the other to me and I’m the other to you. We are “the other”.
And if you don’t have parents, siblings, friends to thank because they are far away..don’t feel alone, because you are not alone. Someone will thank God of your existence and even if you don’t know it or you aren’t aware of that..you are important to someone, you are important. You just have to open a little bit more your eyes and to finally break that shell you’ve created around you. The world is waiting for you.
Thank your God, if you have one. You are here, now. You exist and you are here for reasons that are bigger than you and that make you part of the infinite love that surrounds all of us.
Don’t put yourself in the center of the world and don’t feel either like you are a bother for the other..find your balance in yourself and you’ll find it in the world.

Rachele Cecchi



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